EXPLORE VIBRATION is the result of the collaboration between the Israeli artist and geophysicist Michael Lazar and the performers/choreographers Claudia Senoner and Fabian Chyle.

WE ARE INTERESTED in researching the physical and atmospheric vibration of urban spaces in order to make them visible and heard, exhibiting their connection with the human body and performing it back to the city. As bodies are always surrounded by vibration we are altering the notion of stable and flexible as well as present and absent – everyTHING and everyBODY is always vibrating together!

HOW DID WE PROCEEDED? We met for one week in Tel Aviv and one week in Stuttgart, where we chose pivotal spots in the city. Firstly, we measured the vibrations! Secondly, we made field recordings! The vibration measurements and the field recordings are the base of the soundfiles you hear during the audiowalk! Thirdly, we used our bodies to physically explore the vibration and performed the knowledge we gained back into the urban space! HERE you find some documentation of our process and some performative scores to explore! Parts of the work was measuring the vibration, documenting, thinking, talking ....

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Moving bodies in a city inevitably have a performative quality.

In the public space you can not NOT perform your personal world, like your identity, your status, your religious orientation or your gender.

And those who think they do not perform themselves are cast in the performance of others – as a side character or as a spectator.

By being part of EXPLORE VIBRATION you move differently through the city and thus altering your performative quality.

And you might become aware of vibrations that you have never paid attention to!

Here is one practice in order to deepen the awareness of vibrations:

Score 1 Standing and sensing the vibration!

1. Stand in the urban space – preferably with your eyes closed!

2. Sense the vibration!

Next to ‚standing and sensing’ we were scribbeling the vibration, looked for spaces to perform vibration and got inspired by the auditory, physical and visual pulse oft he city! 

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11 – 18

And YES the concept of exploring vibration physically is qutite confusing in the beginning! 

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  • Claudia Interview Beach
  • Fabian Interview Beach


Walking became a central part of our research! Normally we would walk for a couple of hours to expereince the structure of the city and the bodies moving in space. While walking we slowed down our tempo and tried to focus on different things. We allowed our sensations and present desires to make the decision to navigate through the city! We discovered places which were entirely accessible but completely unused. We went into buildings we never entered before. We imagined people and creatures existing behind the walls. We imagined re-performing the vibration of the city – like an exchange of experience between the architecture of the body and the architecture of the city!

Score 2 Walk the (vibration)line!

1. Close your eyes! Walk from spot A to spot B with eyes closed!

2. Take the impulse for each step from the sensation of the vibration. 

3. You can change your shape, your speed or your sequencing - you can pause – but your movement stays on two feet!

Here are some variations of the score!

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Fabian Walk the line

Breuninger Walk

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21 – 24


As we move, we are always in relation with our environment – objects, space, people. On a body level, the mirroring neurons and synchronization patterns guarantee a constant collective, interactive and reciprocally vibration bringing us in constant exchange with other living creatures. In terms of body and architecture there is at least a one-sided relationship: as we are constantly moving through architectural decisions (made in the past) - the city, the buildings, the streets leave an imprint on our bodies – and since these allegedly stable forms move, they vibrate with us.

Score 3 Vibration trip

1. Chose a spot in the urban space!

2. Close your eyes!

3. Vibrate for the entire time! You may feel the vibration of the spot – you might generate vibration in your body – both can mix! Go on a vibrant virbational trip! Do it for a minimum of 15 minutes!

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31, 32 

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3.1.Bus station short



The philosopher Gernot Böhme argued that the ecological crisis is foremost a bodily crisis, as human beings are experiencing the environmental changes on a bodily (not only physical but also perceptual) level.Therefore, the ecological crisis is one that is experienced within, on top of, around and underneath our bodies. All material – water, earth and air is in some way lead through each of our bodies.The question is not only how do we relate to the environment but foremost how do we relate to our own body – to ourselves?

The idea of an inside and an outside of the individual body is an outdated construction to more easily deal with friction, tension and transience. It does not help us to deal with contemporary ecological, cultural and human questions.

Working on physicalizing the vibration has been an experience of merging our bodies with the environment.The ultimate score to experience this is The Vibration Roll!

Score 4 Vibration roll!

1. Think of your body as a vibration curve!

2. Take the impulse to move from the sensation of the vibration!

3. Put your ear to the ground! Listen to the vibrations! Take the sound of the vibration and the enviroment and translate it into your rolling


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„What we perceiveis determined by what we do(or what we know how to do); it is determined by what we are readyto do.“ (Alva Noe, 2004).

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Duo C & C Tsemeret


As we act - our body is part of a bigger vibrational field in a state of constant reciprocity. As we deepen out our sensorimotor knowledge, our perceptual capacities will be fostered and the ability to connect to vibrations will be influenced.

No matter how much become aware of them. As we enact them, or our representations of them, we connect our bodily presence to these virbations.

Score 5 Moving the city

1. Improvise with the idea that everything and everybody is vibratring together!

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Duo C & M Chairs

Duo CC Stuttgart

Trio Park Tsameret



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