Claudia Senoner

Claudia Senoner (concept and production) is a choreographer and performer. Her artistic work considers the phenomenon of thought transmission without technical aids and brain-to-brain (speechless) communication.

Michael Lazar

Michael Lazar (concept & sound) is a multi-disciplinary artist and scientist. His focus is on the connection between earth, art and body while making us more aware of our surroundings and bringing the unheard, the unseen and the unfelt to the surface. 

Fabian Chyle

Fabian Chyle (concept and production) is a choreographer, performer and dance educator. His interests lie in the development of body-oriented transdisciplinary performance projects.

Adrian Silvestri

Adrian Silvestri (design and layout) works on a range of design projects from book-making (2D) to project design to space- and stage-design (3-D).


Traumwelt (development and production of the media guide) is a founder-led service agency for moving picture, multimedia and installation.

Since 1999 Traumwelt has worked in all areas of innovative media communication.

Marie-Christine Kesting

Marie-Christine Kesting (Press and PR) is a freelance copyrighter and works as an author across various media formats. She works for companies in the independent performing arts scene and is particularly interested in interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborations.

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